DVDBuilder 2.0.5 has been released

VideoRecorder can now record up to 10 hours of DVD quality video on a single 50GB BD-R DL or BD-RE DL. The resulting disc can be played directly on standard home blu-ray players.

Here are the 2.0.5 release notes:

New Features

  • 1496: DVDBuilder output successfully passes DVD-Video specification compatibility tests
  • 1495: Added AllowMuxBufferUnderflow property to IVideoRecorder
  • 1461: VideoRecorder can now record DVD-video to Blu-ray Disc
  • 1439: VideoRecorder optical plug-in now uses PrimoBurner 3.0.4

Breaking Changes

As of 2.0.5 you will need to reference the primo::dvdbuilder namespace explicitly in your code. To fix existing code you have to insert a using namespace primo::dvdbuilder; statement immediately after the inclusion of DVDBuilder.h:

#include "DVDBuilder.h"
using namespace primo::dvdbuilder;

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