DVDBuilder 3.2.1

Release Notes


  • [DVDB-81] – Samples: C++: Put the AVBlocks and PrimoBurner headers in the include directory
  • [DVDB-82] – Samples: Add the Slideshow sample to the .NET package
  • [DVDB-83] – Samples: Add README.md for all samples
  • [DVDB-85] – Update AVBlocks to 1.18
  • [DVDB-86] – Update PrimoBurner to 4.4.2
  • [DVDB-94] – Docs: Clarify the documentation of UnexpectedBitmapColor error
  • [DVDB-96] – Docs: Improve the documentation of the <menu> element
  • [DVDB-99] – Samples: Rename the DVDAuthorCmd sample to BuildDvd
  • [DVDB-100] – Samples: Rename the VideoDVDCreator sample to VideoToDvd
  • [DVDB-102] – Samples: Rename the VideoRecorder sample to CameraToDVD
  • [DVDB-103] – Docs: Update the <display> element documentation


  • [DVDB-87] – Unable to find an entry point named ‘DVDBuilder_setProject’ in DLL ‘DVDBuilder64.dll’.
  • [DVDB-90] – Docs: DVD Project: The Description, Remarks, and Example sections are not visible for some XML elements
  • [DVDB-91] – Hang when using callback and InputDataStreamFactory, and Stream.Read returns -1
  • [DVDB-93] – Docs: The <menu> docs suggest that hex numbers can be used for xyzContrast attribute values.

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