DVDBuilder 2.2.1 is out

Release Notes


  • [OLDDVDB-6] – Video recording fails on HL-DT-ST, DVD-RAM GH15L
  • [OLDDVDB-9] – Allow to create a device with non-exclusive access from the PrimoBurner plugin (VRPBDevice)
  • [OLDDVDB-17] – IVRDevice::Initialize() takes too much time if the device is already obtained with an exclusive access


  • [OLDDVDB-3] – Update DVDBuilder 2 to use latest PrimoBurner 3
  • [OLDDVDB-8] – Add functionality to turn on/off the trace log in the PrimoBurner plugin (VRPBDevice)
  • [OLDDVDB-10] – Make sure that VideoRecorder writes only to aligned addresses when recording to optical device


  • [OLDDVDB-7] – Installers: Add a link to the online documentation and remove PDF and CHM help files.

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