DVDBuilder and PrimoBurner integration

If you use PrimoBurner and DVDBuilder together you might have device conflicts depending on how you obtain and use PrimoBurner Device objects. We suggest you follow these best practices for using DVDBuilder and PrimoBurner in a single application:

  • Use the latest version of PrimoBurner. This is required in order to obtain exclusive access properly under Windows 7 and above. DVDBuilder 2.2.1 already ships with PrimoBurner 3.6.7, so you do not need to download PrimoBurner separately.
  • For reliable burns, make sure that you obtain devices with exclusive access from PrimoBurner. That is required both when using PrimoBurner to write data discs, and when using the DVDBuilder and theVRDevicePluginto record DVD-Video discs. Note that a request for exclusive device instance will fail if you already have an exclusive access to the device in question.
  • In PrimoBurner, use non-exclusive device instances only to display device list and descriptions in the user interface. Then get an exclusive device instance before the actual burning and dispose it after you are done.
  • In an advanced scenario, you can also obtain an exclusive device instance in PrimoBurner and then share the device handle with the VRDevicePlugin. To do that you will first get the device handle in PrimoBurner viathe Device.Handle property and then pass the handle to the VRDevicePlugin.CreateDeviceFromHandle method in DVDBuilder.

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